Character Creation

Starting Characters

Beginning characters start at 1st level, created using the basic rules for character creation for 5th edition. We’ll be using the “standard stat block” (15,14,13,12,10,8) modified by race. This does make it impossible to start with a stat higher than 17, and as per 5th edition rules, attributes can not exceed 20.

Starting characters should be an appropriate age for their race, class and level.

Starting Equipment

The Raven’s Guard have declared the Link Lands safe and under their protection. They have determined that they are sufficient to protect the people of the lands and that militias and vigilantes are more harm than help. As such, many styles of weapons, and heavy armour have been outlawed. In particular, swords have been outlawed as have metal armours (especially plate armour). Characters should be starting with “peasant” weapons like hammers, axes, daggers, and bows; things that can be explained to have other purposes than war or combat.

No Character Left Behind

XP will be awarded using the recommendations in the 5th edition DMG. If a player misses several sessions, no character will be more than 2 levels behind the character with the most XP, and no more than 1 level behind the character with the 2nd least XP (including their own character).
Falling behind by a level in 5th edition has less impact than other editions, so this should not be a problem.

Character Death

In the case of character death, if the character’s items and wealth are “left behind” (not absorbed by the rest of the party), the replacement character is created at the top of the level below the highest level character remaining in the party. If the character’s equipment and/or wealth are absorbed by the remaining party, the character is created at 2 levels below the highest level character remaining in the party.
It should be noted that character death is a little more rare in 5th edition. It’s also within the rights of the dead character’s player to decide where their wealth ends up. Characters are encouraged to set up “Wills” that will be respected by the other characters (whether they like it or not).

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Character Creation

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