Sky City was a bastion of learning and advancement. The villages and cities around Sky City provided the city will the materials, resources, and even the manpower it needed to be a functioning city. The Council of Sky City put effort into protecting the commoners in the Link Cities and where very successful; however the villages of the Link Lands were significantly less protected. For centuries, the villages were raided by hobgoblins, trolls, bandits, and other monsters from the plains and surrounding areas, but for the most part, they fared well. About 100 years ago, things changed; the raids from the plains that year where far more frequent. 2 raids in the same year previously had been a rarity; suddenly raids became a monthly occurrence. This lasted several years, and the villages quickly became desolate and empty; the villagers either killed off, or move into the 4 Link Cities.

The rebellion started in Southlink, by the sea. A villager that had fled to the city decided she would take back her village and protect it. She hired a band of adventurers to clear the village and protect it. The movement grew as other groups began to do the same; reclaiming villages and encouraging the refugees to return to their homes. The push to expand back out, helped Sky City in that it again had access to resources that had dried up, but it also meant that these rebels where using many of these resources to hold their villages. When Sky City sent out its tax collectors, the rebels began to revolt not just against the invaders that had taken their lands, but also against the Council.

Over the course of the next decade, there was a civil war as the villages, and then the Link Cities rebelled against Sky Cities Council. In the end, the young woman who had started the movement to retake her village, stepped forward and led a group of insurgents against the Council. In the course of 3 days, every minister of Council was either dead or exiled. That young woman was elevated to the new ruler of Sky City where she still rules today, with the title of “Magna”. Her original adventuring party has grown to encompass an army to defend all of the villages and lands of the Link Lands; they are known as The Raven’s Guard, named after the heraldry that Magna Izrafit took as her own when she succeeded at freeing her village and became it’s leader.

Starting Off

The players start off in the town of Stonemire. a village in the Link Lands, near the city of Northlink.

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