Link Lands

The Link Lands is an area near the Grellin Sea. It is a largely rocky area that actually increases in elevation as you get closer to the sea, until it either breaks off and falls to the sea at a step slope, or forms cliffs along the sea side.
The most notable feature of the Link Lands (and where the got their name) is the city floating in the sky over the Link Lands, held to the ground by way of 4 enormous chains. At the base of each chain are one of the 4 smaller cities.

Sky City

Sky City was originally a city of exceptional advancement; home of the world’s greatest minds, most talents magicians, and most contemplative priests. About 100 years ago, the rebellion and took over, with Magna Izrafit at the head.


Northlink is where the northern chain ties Sky City to the ground. It’s a moderate city.


Stonemire is one of the villages 2 days travel from Northlink. Stonemire sits at the western edge of a peculiar swamp known as the Grey Swale. The ground around the swamp and even within the swamp is mostly hard stone, however, due to the shape of the surrounding land, the area flooded, becoming a swamp. The waters brought silt and dirt which built up allowing for some areas of more “traditional” swamp, but many areas are much more rocky than one would expect within a swamp.

The Skiggi Fen

The Skiggi Fen is an area in the northern section of the swale. It’s commonly known to be haunted. Most stories revolve around the hags that live there with their spectral troll.

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